There are certain laws that govern the acquisition of riches; once these laws are mastered and applied, riches follow with mathematical certainty.”–Robert A. Russell, You Too Can Be Prosperous

5 universal laws that govern money:

● Money goes where it flows

● Money goes where it’s welcome

● Money goes where it’s appreciated

● Money goes where it’s respected

● Money goes where it’s given out from
 Concerning the first law of money, money goes where it flows, think about how you encourage or restrict the flow of money through your life. For some, it’s easier to accept money in than it is to allow it to flow back out. For others, it’s easier to let money flow out than it is to accept money in. Neither of these ways represents balance. You want to be comfortable with the rhythm of money, and the essence of the rhythm of money is movement. Money is going to flow, sometimes in and sometimes out. Either way, it’s best not to resist the natural flow of money.

The second law of money is money goes where it’s welcome. Most people would automatically assume they are very open to money coming into their lives. They desire money. They daydream about having more of it. But the way many people think is very different than the way they actually feel deep within. Do you really want more money in your life? Do you truly welcome it? Is your heart and mind truly open to the possibility? Think on that.

Then there’s the third law of money, money goes where it’s appreciated. Appreciation and gratitude are among the most powerful forces in the universe. There is something inherent in the act of appreciation which magnetizes one to those things one appreciates. Just as true is that lack of appreciation tends to repel those good things one takes for granted. Your appreciation for the money in your life must be sincere. Try as you may, you cannot fool the universe.

And regarding the fourth law of money, money goes where it’s respected, the test here is very straightforward: How do you act in your dealings with money and financial matters? Your actions are what matters here, and through them you will know if you truly respect money or not.

And finally, money goes where it’s given out from. The average person tends to think that when something is given, the giver then has less of that thing. You must not believe this falsehood. Come to know and believe that giving is a major cause of receiving, and this is as true about money as it is about anything.

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