What is going on in life is the evolution of the individual to complete oneness with the Secret Self. The universal being that lies behind creation has differentiated into finite form, taken disguise, so to speak, in order to work out the manifold sides of its infinite and eternal nature. 

Therefore the man who expands his consciousness is fulfilling the fondest wish of life. It is not necessary that we become saints to understand as much of the Secret Self as is necessary to use its power in our affairs. 

To know this law is enough: whatever we accept as a permanent mental image in our consciousness must manifest in our world, for we become in life what we are in consciousness, and nothing can alter that fact. 

It takes a great deal of courage to admit to yourself that if you are sick, frightened, frustrated, or defeated you have brought theseconditions on yourself and no one but yourself can get rid of them. 

Occasionally someone so afflicted will experiment with the power of his mind to cure him, but will give it only the most cursory trial. 

If, for example, he is ill and in pain, he might say, “I visualized myself well and happy, but I hurt just as much as ever.” What he didn’t do above all things was visualize himself well and happy. 

He visualized himself sick and in pain. The moment he began to visualize himself well and happy, he would become well and happy. This is not a law that works once in a while or part of the time or on auspicious occasions. 

It works all of the time and it works in the exact same way, and it is returning to you right now in the material world the images you maintain in your mind. You cannot es-cape them. They surround you, sustain you, or torment you. 

They are good or evil or uplifting or degrading or exalting or painful according to the vision that prompts them, and as long as you are alive, as long as you think and imagine, you are literally surrounded day and night by the images that predominate in your consciousness.

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