Nothing, of course, can be accomplished without a fight. Life itself is a struggle, and each of us enters it daily. It is simply a question of where to expend the effort: pursuing the material wraiths of the physical world that constantly seem to elude us or concentrate on an inner resource that controls the outer world. It is a wise man who expends his energies developing his consciousness. He shortly will find that all the aspects of the world have assumed an order and a benignity he would not have thought possible. 

All things appear to do his bidding, not because he truly bids them, but because he understands them. It is this knowledge, attained by inner perception, of the potentiality of each thing and circumstance, that leads to beneficent power, that allows a man to move through the most intense conflicts with serenity and surety. 

He sees the thing to be done because he knows the outcome that must be achieved, and because of this inherent perception of the laws of life and nature, he appears to be modeling each event, shaping each thing, yet it is not he who does this but the Secret Self within him, to which he has entrusted himself completely and which guides his steps and actions with omnipotent assurance. 

Will you have the power and assurance and serenity of the Secret Self? Then there is something you must give up. You must give up the ego, that thing within you that you always have thought to be your very self. You must seek to shed that sense of separateness that is a product of your surface mind and to search deep within your consciousness for the pure core of being that is the self of all things. It will not be easy. The sensual nature with its constantly distracting stimuli brings daily clarion calls from the outer world. 

But if your life has provided you full measure of pain and frustration from chasing these tempters and deceivers, then you will face them with resistance and resolve to pursue them no more. The path to power lies within you. All things will be found there. The fight is not between the world and you, but between your ego and yourtrue self. Simply choose to find your true self, and in the end you cannot lose. 

When the fight begins within himself, A man’s worth something. —Robert Browning

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