We all have seen people achieve great ends effortlessly. We have seen others strive frantically toward some goal only to consistently fall short. We are assured on all sides that hard work makes the successful man, yet we discern almost immediately that hard work sometimes fails of accomplishment while fortune often smiles on the man who seems to make little effort at all. Shakespeare wrote, 

“There is a tide in the affairs of men which taken at the flood leads on to fortune.” The story is told of the man whose furnace refused to work and who subsequently called a repair man. The repair man struck the furnace a blow with his hammer, and it promptly re-sumed working. 

He presented a bill for one hundred dollars. “Outrageous,” sputtered the irate householder. “I want that bill itemized.” “All right,” answered the repair man. He scribbled on the bill, “Striking one blow with hammer—one dollar. Knowing where to strike—ninety-nine dollars.” 

It is not how hard we work that matters, but what we get done. It is not the wailing and gnashing of teeth that is the show, but the things that are built and accomplished. The knowledge of the simple lever six thousand years ago might have saved a million hours of backbreaking labor, and had television existed in the time of 

Crist a different shape indeed might have been given the Christian Church. Knowing where and when to strike, just as the repair man so aptly illustrated, is the goal to be sought, and not the energy torun a million circles around a field which does not need to be cir-cled even once. 

Knowledge is the thing, not physical effort; all things exist because of mental causes, have risen in the physical world in response to ideas held in mind. Mind is first cause, and he who is guided by this knowledge discovers the fountain of power. 

Your Secret Self is a giant self, dwarfing into nothingness your surface mind and ego. It is a self without limits in space and time, and anything is possible to it. Its manifestations on the human scene sometimes seem supernatural. 

It outcrops in our geniuses in those with “second sight,” in our artists, our explorers, our pioneers, our adventurers. Its presence may be intimately felt in the fields of parapsychology, extrasensory perception, precognition, clairvoyance, thought transference. It stands behind all human en-deavor and aspiration as the guiding intelligence of evolution. 

Life is going somewhere high and lofty and worthwhile, and the path by which the heights are to be scaled is safe and secure and well-known. Only in partial knowledge is there confusion, and only through the separate and incomplete view of the surface self are we rendered impotent and afraid in a world that should be ours. 

The little mind that sits immediately behind our eyes has not the horizons nor the expanded consciousness to see the larger picture, the worthier and greater goal of the Secret Self. All individual suffering, frustration, and failure stem from the failure of the surface mind to find and properly identify itself with the Divine. 

In isolat-ing ourselves from the true roots of our being, we are thrown out of kilter with the power and surety of the Supreme. By fancying ourselves to be sense-minded only, we are like the severed tail of a snake, possessed of movement still, but senseless now, without purpose or entity, helter-skelter, scratching out a crazy pattern in the dust.

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