This mental force that controls the universe may be called anything you like and visualized any way you choose. The important thing is to understand that it exists, to know something about how it works, what your relationship to it is. 

It might, for instance, be likened to an enormous electromagnetic field. All conscious forms of life then would be tiny electro-magnetic fields within the universal field and finding positions within it, each according to the kind and quality of its field. 

Where each individual field would wind up within the main field then would be a matter of inexorable law and absolutely unavoidable, as is illustrated by the millions of people who perform the same tasks over and over with absolutely the same results, almost as if following ritual. Perhaps they are always sick, always defeated, “just barely misers,” perhaps always broke, always out of a job. 

If we give just the slightest reflection to our own lives we cannot help but be startled by how we seem dogged by the same situation in all things, year after year, time after time. This deadly recurrence is the source of most frustration and mental illness, is the bottom root of all failure. 

Yet it is avoidable. And the way by which it is avoidable brings complete emancipation of the mind and spirit. For the tiny electro-magnetic field has inherent within it the ability to change the kind and quality of its field, so that it will be moved about within the main field with all the power and sureness of the main field until it arrives at the position its new quality of consciousness demands.

The important thing to remember about this illustration is that the tiny electro-magnetic field does not move itself. It is moved by the large field. And behind its movement lies all the power of the large field. 

Any attempt by it to move itself is obviously futile since it is held in place by a power infinitely greater than itself. And it is held where it is because of what it is. The moment a change occurs within itself, it is moved by a power outside itself to a new position in the field, one in keeping with its new potential.

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