Discovering Your Higher Self
When we are born, there is no sense of self, no sense of differentiation or separation from anything else in our awareness. As we grow older, we become identified with our bodies, personalities, families, and all of the thoughts and beliefs that make up our experience of life. As time progresses, we take on new identities: husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, managers, lawyers, office workers, computer programmers, basketball players, and the list goes on and on.

As one begins to earnestly pursue a spiritual path, it’s natural to question these roles and identities and try on new ones. As we move deeper into experiencing the truth of who we are, beyond what we can see with our eyes, hear with our ears, or believe with our minds, the pursuit of a direct and personal experience of our True Nature begins to grow until experiencing and knowing our True Self first-hand eventually becomes the primary goal of our lives.

Who is the Higher Self?
Your higher self is you. You in the ether. Your higher self is the real you, your total soul consciousness. The you that is living here on Earth is just a projection of the consciousness of your higher self. Your higher self is the more complete you, the one that isn’t being frustrated by the veil that draws down upon us when we incarnate that causes us to forget where we came from. The higher self is the one in possession of your spiritual contract, the plan you made for yourself before you incarnated. He or she has your instruction manual and your life plan in his/her hot little hands.

Where is Your Higher Self?
Your higher self is neither male nor female, but for the purposes of this incarnation, you’ll probably want to identify your higher self in your current gender. Your higher self resides in the ether, but is still quite connected to you. Nothing can break that connection. Your higher self has access to your thoughts, goals, intentions, everything you’re thinking and feeling and wondering. There is a conduit that goes directly between you here on Earth and your higher self up in the ether.

What is the Role of the Higher Self?
Your higher self is watching over you and helping to steer you in the direction you intended to go when you created your spiritual contract (your life plan). Your higher self knows where you’re supposed to be, and when, and who you’re supposed to meet and when. Before you incarnated, your higher self got together with some spirit guides and basically said, “Will you watch over me when I incarnate? I’d particularly like your help to accomplish X.” Your higher self gets all your guides together, explains the plan and how they will be able to help you, and then prepares to cast a portion of its consciousness onto Earth. Your higher self works with guides of your future parents as well, to make sure they’re in the right place and the right time doing the baby dance at the right time of the month. Once you are born, however, all you have of your higher self is an ethereal connection, which you will hopefully feel or discover as your tool along through life. Your higher self also scrambles to edit your life plan if, through your free will, you “mess” things up and get off track.

How Do You Reconnect With Your Higher Self?
First know that you are always connected to your higher self, but what you want to do is consciously reconnect with your higher self. If you can accomplish this, you’ll have access to your life plan! Score! The first thing to do is begin to hear their higher self. Sometimes higher self sounds like intuition.

If you’re aware, you can probably discern the voice of your higher self versus the voice of your ego, which is usually fear-based. If hearing isn’t your thing, try seeing your higher self. Another method is to imagine yourself going to a garden, imagining a gazebo or a stone bench, and requesting that my higher self sit with you and talk to you.

When you first do this, it’s going to feel like you’re imagining the whole thing. As Joan of Arc once said, “Well how else would God speak to me if not through my imagination?” But the way you can tell when you’re speaking with your higher self instead of your own ego is by the answers your higher self gives you.

When the answers to the questions you’re asking start to sound wiser or more knowledgeable than you usually do, you’re probably talking to your higher self. When you get insights into your current situation and the advice seems sound, it’s probably your higher self. Just keep talking to this manifestation of your higher self until it feels like you’re talking to someone else and the answers you’re getting don’t seem like they’re coming from your own head. This can take time and practice. You need to achieve a high state of consciousness to do this.

Your higher self can only come down so far to your level. Another method to reach your higher self is through journaling. Try typing up a question, listen for the answer, and type it. Then ask another question. Keep going. In the beginning you may be talking to your ego. But go deeper because before long you’ll notice a shift in the answers you’re getting. They won’t seem like they’re coming from you. Don’t filter them, just type what you hear. Play meditative music in the background while you’re doing this which will help raise your vibration.

If you can manage a lucid dream, those are excellent vehicles for reaching your higher self. The next time you find yourself in a lucid dream, ask your higher self to appear and have a conversation.

The Ultimate Guide
Your higher self is your ultimate guide because your higher self knows you intimately, more even than the angels or your spirit guides. Because higher self is you. Even when you don’t hear, see, or feel your higher self, trust me, your higher self is right there with you. Once you’ve tuned in to your higher self, you’ll be able to get some key information about why you’re here and where you should be going next, and with whom you should be going there. Take advantage of that information. It’s not cheating.

Make a Date With Your Higher Self
Once you’ve reconnected with your higher self, speak to him/her often. Your higher self is always there when you need her, and sometimes knows when you need her before realizing it. Make a weekly appointment with your higher self and find out what your higher self wants to tell you. Since reconnecting with your higher self, you can manifested better psychic abilities and enter a higher level of consciousness.

Key to Aligning with Your Higher Self
The key to aligning with your higher self is very simple but rarely stated, mainly because such awareness is not encouraged widely at present. You align with your higher self by intimately getting to know how your body feels when you are in alignment. Then, when you know that feeling, you work toward maintaining it by controlling the direction of your thoughts. All positive or negative bodily feelings are rooted in your thoughts, and these are either in alignment with your higher self or not. When your body feels as good as it can be, your thoughts are in alignment with your higher self; when your body feels “off” in any way, your thoughts are misaligned. That said, it is time to master the alignment key to move forward in your life.

You have felt levels of joy, harmony, happiness, passion, peace, and exuberance in your life—no matter how fleeting—and it is at these times that you have been fully aligned with your higher self. The difficulty is that people rarely think in terms of alignment when things are going their way. They are too busy enjoying life, which is, after all, the purpose of living. Usually people think in terms of alignment when they need it most, when it is most elusive.

Alignment with the higher self feels different for each individual, but the result is the same. You know you are in alignment when your heart feels open and your body feels as good as it gets. Sometimes you may not feel your body at all, feeling light as air or like a gently floating balloon. There may be a sense of well-being and connectedness in your body plus a spark of creation. Or you may feel sudden passion or happiness with a gentle tingle up your spine. No feeling is wrong. The bottom line is that you are on top of the world when you are in alignment with your higher Self, and your body mirrors this. Everything feels on course and you feel on purpose.

Because conditioning along ancestral, cultural, familial, and systemic lines is often difficult to assess and transcend on a strictly mental level, your best, truest gift becomes how your body feels at any given time. Your body is the most sensitive instrument at your disposal for determining whether you are in alignment with your higher self, and it will serve you in amazing ways to get to know it.

Identifying Comforts and Discomforts
To learn to align, you first identify the comfort or discomfort level in the most sensitive part(s) of your body. Many people discern best in the stomach and other parts of the digestive tract; digestive problems are overwhelmingly caused by a mis-alignment with higher self. Others feel a heaviness, constriction, or pain at their heart when out of alignment. Still others experience tenseness in bodily areas like their shoulders or back. Some get headaches. What it ultimately comes down to is that your greatest bodily challenges are actually your greatest spiritual teachers.

Once you sense discomfort in your body, you align with your higher self through some form of relaxed meditation or time out. You need to take some quiet time to learn what your higher self is trying to teach you through your body. During times of discomfort, lay back, relax, and surrender deeply so you can learn and grow. Bravely ask your higher self what your body is trying to teach you and sense the answer. You may see, feel, hear, taste, or smell the answer, depending on your sensing proclivities. Your intuition may come forth boldly and you will suddenly just know. The answer may come right away or it may come later when you least expect it. It is imperative that you know that all questions are answered when you are ready, and no question put forth with honesty and benevolent intent is ignored.

Your higher self teaches wonderful lessons and provides clarity constantly through the wisdom of your body, so get to know what your body feels like when you ask yes or no questions. During meditation, ask yourself questions like the following:

· Is it in my best interest to work for this company?
· Is my heart feeling closed because I am afraid of intimacy with my husband/work associates/other?
· Is it in my best interest to pursue this relationship/course of action?
· Should I be doing something other than what I am doing with my life?

Each time you ask yourself a question, your body reacts in one of two ways: 1) it reacts kindly in accordance with alignment (YES) or 2) it warns you that something is not right (NO or more questions are necessary for clarification). With practice, you can discern your Truth this way.

When you are comfortable that you can discern your body’s yes and no answers, it is time to address issues that are more complex. In your relaxed meditative state, put forth a troubling situation to your higher self. Explain the situation at hand in detail; write it down if that feels better. Then ask yes or no questions about the issue raised. If your body feels aligned after you ask a question, the answer is an emphatic YES.

If your body feels misaligned, the answer may be NO or further questioning may be necessary. Those who are persistent and patient enough can do question and answer sessions like this until they facilitate an explosive emotional and energetic release. Once a lesson is learned, bodily discomfort and difficult feelings associated with it go away forever. Patience is required in this exercise.

Many are afraid to know their Truth—consciously or unconsciously—recognizing that the rug may be pulled out from under their lives if they learn it. The feeling is akin to the emotion in place prior to being fed into the jaws of some huge unknown creature with giant, knife-sharp fangs. Ask why you are afraid to know your Truth, and the answer will most likely surprise you. Please know that despite your misgivings, the unknown is a very powerful and necessary place; all creation comes forth from the unknown.

Some wonder whether there is danger in trusting the higher self in all things, for they do not recognize what guides them and they do not trust themselves. Know that most have been taught that they are not trustworthy in one or more ways. Regardless of conditioning, however, your higher Self knows what needs accomplishing in your earthly realm, and it will not guide to that which is not possible within the confines of your current existence. If it feels right in your body, it is right for you, period, regardless of what anybody else thinks. Get to know your higher self through your body. It will be the best investment you ever make

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