First Chakra – One-Minute Grounding

My favorite exercise to help you ground can be done anywhere and in one minute. Its origin is based in Native American tradition.

1. Remove your shoes. 

2. Stomp around your house or outdoors (outdoors is best) barefoot. 

3. Make your hands into fists.

4. Punch your fists toward the earth as you stomp. 5. Say this phrase out loud while stomping: “I deserve to be here, and I live here in joy!” 6. Stomp for one minute, every day.

Second Chakra – One-Minute Balancing

Have little time? Then try this easy, one-minute exercise to release stagnant energy from the pelvis and free up your creativity. Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, begin rotating your hips first clockwise, then counterclockwise for one minute. When you rotate your hips to the right you are activating masculine energy. Male energy runs on the right-hand side of the body. When you rotate your hips to the left you are activating female energy, which runs on the left-hand side of the body. This exercise will balance your male and female energies through your emotional response center.

Third Chakra – One-Minute Recharging

1. Stretch your arms straight out from your shoulders, as if you were a kid playing airplane. 2. Now rock your torso back and forth without moving your hips. This rocking motion moves your rib cage, which then rubs the third chakra, charging it with vital energy. It’s as if you are washing the chakra.

Fourth Chakra – One-Minute Balance

This simple exercise helps reduce anxiety and quickly balances the fourth chakra by aligning it with universal love.

Use several fingers to gently tap your mid-sternum for one minute. This exercise activates the thymus gland, whichplays an important role in balancing our immune system, increasing energy levels, and improving blood circulation. (If your stress is highly elevated, tap for several minutes.)

Fifth Chakra – One-Minute Balancing

To open your throat chakra and receive empowering energy, begin speaking out loud in a made-up language using guttural sounds. Do this exercise for one minute every day. When speaking in harsh tones, you will release pent-up energy from when you held back words that you thought might hurt another. Don’t be surprised if your neck pain goes away or your thyroid functions better; this exercise is effective for both. Over the years, I have discovered that people who shy away from this exercise really need to do it. It will forever change your life.

Sixth Chakra – One-Minute Recharge

This quick exercise will energetically strengthen the sixth chakra.

1. Sit down. 

2. While keeping your head still, make large circles with your eyes in a clockwise direction for fifteen seconds. 

3. Change direction, moving your eyes in large counterclockwise circles for fifteen seconds. 

4. Look up at the ceiling and down to the floor for another fifteen seconds. 

5. Look as far as you can to the left and then to the right for fifteen seconds.

Seventh Chakra – One-Minute Feeling Unconditional Love

This quick exercise will help you receive unconditional love from the heavens.

1. Gently tap on the top of your head using all ten fingers. 

2. Then close your eyes and imagine warm light flooding into the top of your head. 

3. After a moment or two, think of something or someone you really, really love. 

4. Imagine the love you have for this person or thing mixing with the warm light. 5. Now think of yourself, and transform the love you have for this person or thing into love for yourself.

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