You’ll probably have no difficulty with the exercise below if you’re an accomplished meditator, advanced energy worker or even a talented beginner.

Try it.

If you need a guided initiation, you can always contact us using the link in the bio box.

1. Sit or lie comfortably in your favorite meditation pose.

2. Use abdominal breathing – slow, relaxed, gentle breaths.

3. Allow your breathing to soften and slow. Feel your body relax and your mind slow.

4. Visualize a door way of brilliant light directly in front of you.

5. Go through the brilliant light, and you are directly in front of your lovely Mystic Temple.

6. Send love from your heart into your Temple.

7. Watch your Temple grow bigger and bigger and clearer and clearer.

At first your Temple may be indistinct or very small. Loving it will bring it into focus. The first time I saw mine, it was a hunk of ice covered ground floating in darkness. An ancient crone sat shivering and guarding the entrance to a dark cave.

My ice patch grew into an entire world as I kept visiting it and healing my Temple and myself with love.

Remember, whatever you see is uniquely yours. Everyone perceives something different. Trust yourself and love your Temple.

Entering Your Temple

Go to the entrance of your Temple with the intent to find your cleansing station held firmly in your mind. It will appear somewhere around the entrance.

Other people have experienced a:
Waterfall of pure light/energy
Door of light
Two posts to hold while energy runs through the body
Your Healing Space

After you’re thoroughly cleansed, move forward through your Temple entrance holding the intent to enter your healing space.

You may discover:
Attendants to help you
Diagnostic devices
Healing energies or devices
Crystals or jewels
A Master healer who will heal and teach you
Just be very open to, and accepting of, your unique vision. Enjoy the healing!

Your Main Hall

Cleansed and healed, you’re ready to enter your main hall by holding the intent to go into it and then moving forward.

Others have found a:
Vast, open field of flowers
Powerful mandala
Circle of pillars open to the night sky
Throne with her Astral spouse waiting
Council of eight sitting around a giant, crystal. The council became complete with nine members when he took his place. The crystal lit up with powerful energies.
What you experience here will tell you a lot about who and what you are.

Treasure Room

Storage areas hold all the treasures you’ve accumulated over all your lifetimes. These treasures are your forgotten talents, abilities and the energies you worked with in past lives.

You could probably spend the rest of this life here alone, going through all of it and rediscovering.

There will also be some feature here that represents all of the love you’ve ever given or received.

Find your treasure room by going there from your main hall. Hold the intent to go there in your mind, then move forward. (Or down or back. Wherever your intent takes you.)

Others have found:
Alladin’s cave full of jewels – each jewel representing an energy or ability
A lovely natural landscape – each flower, tree or feature representing an energy or ability
Stacks of gold bars
A room filled with crystals
A dragon sleeping on piles of treasure
Whatever you find, start playing with the objects. Feel, see and experience what each one brings to you. It’s very beneficial to actively use your treasure. Whenever you find yourself in a situation that requires the use of some ability or energy you lack, think of your treasure room. What you need will come from it.

Information Device

Everyone has some device that answers questions. In your main hall, hold the intent to see your information device in your mind. It may appear there, or you may be guided to another space.

Others have seen:
A crystal ball
A flat screen
A large book that opens when asked a question
Books on shelves. The book with the answer floats out and opens
Talking dolphins swimming behind a glass wall
When your device appears, ask it questions and observe the way in which it responds.

Power Source

What powers your Temple? Where is this power source? How do you control and use the energy?
From your main hall, hold your intent to discover your power source in your mind.

Others have seen a:
Huge white energy ball
Void out of which energy appears
Explore your energy source by going into it. Start using your mind to guide and control the energy by putting it into objects or using it to create objects.

Mystical Animals

Your Mystical animal friend knows all the worlds you’ve experienced in past lives. It will take you to places of importance.

1. Hold the intent to meet your Mystical animal.

2. Give your animal immense Love.

3. Make friends with it.

4. Ask it to take you anywhere it wants to go.

Be very open to what you experience next. You may discover a great gift or some hard work you need to do.

Travel with your good friend often. It’s very worthwhile.

Astral Beings

You will almost certainly encounter other beings in your Temple or on your travels.

These beings generally fall into four categories.

1. Unpleasant beings you’ve had problems with in the past require healing.

2. Old friends are a joy to find.

3. Beings presenting you with mystical gifts or powers usually appear once, then never come again. Pay attention and get the gift.

4. Teachers may appear when you need them. Merge your astral form with your teacher to receive the most powerful transmissions

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