Begin by becoming aware of your breath. Consciously take a slow deep breath in and exhale gently.

If you feel any tension in your body, focus on that area and breathe into that area, releasing the tension with the out breath.

Allow the breath to relax your muscles, and any tension you may be holding. Breathe in slowly and breathe out gently.

The following process is a journey to heal your inner child.

Please take it slowly, as past pain and emotion can rise to the surface.

If this happens, take several deep breaths and visualize the violet light transmuting this emotion, bringing you back to a state of calm.

I would like you to visualize yourself as a young child, standing in front of a parent or someone that may have hurt you while growing up.

You feel safe and secure during this visualization. Now visualize a violet light shining down and enveloping this child and beginning to slowly transmute any pain or trauma.

Just above the child, visualize a screen projecting scenes from your childhood that were painful or traumatic. The scenes and images displayed begin as a young child and gradually unfold, as you grow older.

Stay as long as your need within each scene, to feel the emotion, the anger or sadness, and then feel the violet light clearing these energies.

Allow the scenes to come and go and visualize the violet light shining brighter and stronger, healing these past memories from your cellular memory.
Take as long as you like, to feel and re-experience these childhood memories, allowing the violet light to clear and heal them.

If at any time you feel overwhelmed by emotion, slow down the process by taking a few deep breathes. When you feel calmer, begin the process were you left off, but this time a bit slower.

There is no rush, and slower is better than faster.

You may need to practice this meditation process several times to fully heal your inner child.

Visualize now the child gradually growing into the adult you are today.

You have just taken the first step to heal your inner child.

You may like to practice this meditation several times to clear and heal the layers of pain and trauma within you.

Healing your inner child won’t necessarily happen overnight, particularly if there are many buried memories. Just as it took time to become hurt, it will take some time to heal these hurts.

When you are ready, gently bring your awareness back to your body. You can give your legs a stretch, your fingers a wiggle and you feel ready, open your eyes coming back to waking consciousness.

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