Sit or lie comfortably and take control of your breath.

Breathe in, Hold, and Exhale (x 5).

Now imagine a cord around your left ankle. It’s dropping down… deep down into the earth’s core.

Down… down… down… and it wraps around and secures itself to a boulder.

Now feel a cord around your right ankle. It is also dropping down… deep down into Mother Earth.

It also wraps around and secures itself around a boulder.

Now imagine a cord wrapped around your tailbone.

It drops down… down… down… and attaches to a boulder in the center of the earth.

You are now fully grounded.

Breathe in, Hold and Exhale.

A beautiful white light surrounds you. Your crown chakra opens, and the light fills your core and each of your chakras.

Breathe in, Hold and Exhale.

SEE yourself walking up a hillside.

As you reach the top you notice a cloud coming towards you. As it nears, you see that it’s an angelic being in a flowing gossamer gown reaching for your hand.

This is your guardian angel.

Step onto the cloud with them and ask their name if you don’t know it already.

You both start to float up, higher and higher … above the clouds.

The atmosphere is pure and absolutely perfect for you.

Your angel takes you to another cloud, and as you step onto it you realize that you are walking on a marble floor.

Ahead of you is a door – which opens slowly as you approach it.

Your angel encourages you to step inside, and as you do, you see a large table with open boxes placed on it. In each box are jigsaw pieces or every imaginable shape, size, color and meaning.

Your guardian angel tells you that you can now create ‘the story of your existence’, before stepping back and leaving you to it.

You are now free to assemble your picture in whatever style you like.

You can choose the pictures, words, colors and shapes from any of the boxes that are meaningful to you, and as you place them together the pieces meld and join seamlessly to create a perfect picture.

Take a few peaceful moments now to create your story as you would like it to be.

When you finish … simply admire your work.

Look at the fine details and look at the picture as a whole. Enjoy your creation until you are ready to return.

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